AUTOMATION INTERNATIONAL (Federal) Longitudinal Seam Welder

  • Machine Specifications

    Stock Number:



    150 KVA


    Automation International (Federal)

    Mfg. Model Number



    220/230/240 Volts, Single Phase

    Throat Depth:

    20 in

    Secondary Volts:


    Secondary Amps:


    Serial Number:


    Air Type:

    Standard Dual Acting

    Cylinder Diameter:

    5 in

    Max Force:

    1570 lbf

    Arm Dia Lower:

    3.5" in

    Additonal Details:

    Unique Federal-brand Longitudinal Resistance Seam Welder made by Automation International with Special Servo Motion and tooling to contain a tubular part as it is welded longitudinally. The lower copper arm is currently 3.75" diameter. The lower tooling can be replaced or modified. At present, it is designed for a tubular part to be loaded inside the locating fixture and held while the servo motion carriage moves the part longitudinally through the seam welding wheels. We were told that this machine ran the day before it was shipped to us. An obsolete Medweld (Medar) welder control is currently installed and probably should be replaced with newer technology. We suggest asking us to quote this machine in Refurbished or Remanufactured Condition. We can also quote to Retool this welder to your specs.

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