HERON 45kJ Capacitor Discharge Projection & Spot Welder, NEW!

  • Machine Specifications

    Stock Number:




    Mfg. Model Number



    440/460/480 Volts, Three Phase

    Throat Depth:

    12 - 15.78 in

    Secondary Volts:

    27 - 30

    Secondary Amps:



    Foot Switch & Dual Palm Button

    Additonal Details:

    Model No. DR-45000, 45 kJoule Power Supply, Throat Depth/Gap: 306mm / 401mm Weld Force: ???? Newtons = (???? lbs.) by pneumatically operated welding cylinder; pressure setting by proportional pressure valve. Fast follow-up mechanism and LVDT- Linear Variable Differential Transducer is included. Secondary Voltage: 27 - 30 Volts Max. Short Circuit Secondary Current: 190,000 Discharge: Electronically controlled discharge by high current pulse transformers Force Monitoring: Automatic; force is captured by load cell Initiation: Dual palm buttons mounted to a T-stand Frame: Heavy Duty C-frame, designed as stable welded construction Dimensions (mm): W x H x L = 1402 x 2610 x 1643 Customer Utility Services Required: Electrical: 480 Volts / 60 HZ / Three Phase rated at 200 amperes. Air: Clean and dry at 80 PSIG (minimum). Water: Clean and non-conductive at 35 PSIG (10 GPM)

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